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Employment Assessment


VTDC uses a variety of assessments to create a person-centered plan for employment.  The assessments evaluate each person’s experience and education; resources and needs, employment goals and preferences; supports and support options; transportation and mobility; life and independence skills; career interests, and your attitude towards work and the job search process.

Responses from your assessments are evaluated to help you or the person you support to create an individualized goal plan to assist you in your employment journey. 


Helps to identify personality traits and aptitudes, and recognize your skills, interests, and capabilities.


Assists with identifying areas in which you may need additional training, supports, or development to be successful in community employment. 


Reveals your strengths and areas of need, and identify marketable skills in an unbiased manner.

Unsure of your employable skills and abilities? Find out more about how to qualify and enroll

Employment Assessment 

Joanne McGuire, Community Employment Program Coordinator

Phone -814-676-5755, Ext 148 or email

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