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Summer Jobs Program


If you're unsure about your ideal job or eligibility, VTDC's "Summer Jobs Program" is designed to present a valuable opportunity for youth aged 16-21. Youth are matched with open community employment positions most closely associated with their specific interests and skill inventory assessments. Each accepted participant will receive a comprehensive training and career exploration program. Beyond mere career introductions, our dedicated Community Employment Program Specialists will guide you to become work-ready and connect you with an employer in your area of interest, ensuring a meaningful 180-hour paid work experience during the summer. 


Build skill sets that enhance dependability/responsibility, positive work attitude, punctuality, good interpersonal skills, cooperation, being a team player, self-confidence, adaptability, integrity, and self-motivation. 


Real work experience for youth in their preferred interest area to help with future career selections.

Youth learn about careers and the world of work while earning a paycheck. 

It’s time to contact us to learn how to qualify for enrollment

Summer Jobs Program

Joanne McGuire, Community Employment Program Coordinator

Phone: 814-676-5755, Ext. 148

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