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Adult Daily Living Skills


VTDC 's Life Skills Habilitation Program in Seneca is designed for individuals with multiple and severe disabilities who cannot participate in the more extensive work-oriented Work Activities Programs. The Life Skills Program is based on a "Person-Centered Approach'', whereby each individual's own interests and choices are incorporated into their programming needs. The ultimate goal for each Life Skills participant is to work towards developing a circle of support within the community so that the individual can experience a more independent and meaningful lifestyle.

Topics and Activities

Life Skills Coaches work with participants in the facility, teaching daily living skills such as cooking or baking, laundry, and personal hygiene to the extent of the participant's capabilities. Other facility-based opportunities are available to the trainees, such as simulated or contracted work for the Work Activities Program, various games, puzzles, sensory stimulating items, and cognitive motor skill tasks. Trainees also enjoy looking at books or magazines, working on arts and crafts projects, listening to music, watching videos, exercising, socializing, and just relaxing. The site has a picnic table and outdoor yard area accessible to participants in the summer. VTDC 's Life Skills Habilitation Program is unique in that the program strongly emphasizes daily community integration activities in addition to facility-based instruction. Some of our typical community activities include bowling at the local bowling alleys, eating out, shopping, walking at the bike trail and Cranberry Malls, visiting area nursing homes, and having a picnic at the local park. In addition, we enjoy special trips throughout the year to places such as the Venango Museum, a ride on the OC & T train, and the local and state parks. At Life Skills, we are always looking for new and exciting places to visit and activities to do. 


Helps to improve old and learn new skills that promote healthy living.

Make and meet new friends, both in the program and in the community

Trained and caring staff are there to help you along your journey.

The Life Skills building is spacious, clean, and affords all kinds of training activities. 

Contact us for information on how to register

Zintka Fox, Program Specialist

814-676-5755, Ext. 127

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