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VTDC provides individuals that have a desire to work in the community with the tools and guidance to be successful. Services are provided to support skill development, where needed, in six key areas including job seeking, job related skills, work performance, on-the-job social skills, budgeting and financial literacy (may include referral or coordination of benefits counseling).  This includes job matching, placement and coaching services, where a Community Employment Program Specialist works 1:1 with each individual.  


Job Development Activities include a variety of direct services that prepare individuals to reach their personalized employment goals. These activities include but are not limited to resume preparation; job application preparation; assessment of their employability factors; job search; coordination of adaptive or assistive technology related to specific employment; contacting employers on their behalf; and any other activities that help prepare the employer, the employer site, and the individual in obtaining a job.  This service is customized to assist individuals in finding the employment that best matches their skill sets and choice.


Provides opportunities for more meaningful, self-paced, skills training activities that support progress on individualized goals.



​​Utilizes Community Participation to connect learned skills with real-world community environments.


Participants get the opportunity to do tours, volunteering, and activities that match their interests and ability.​


Helps to evaluate and prepare participants for new pre-vocational and community work opportunities.

It’s time to contact us to learn how to qualify for enrollment

Job Matching, Placement and Coaching

Joanne McGuire, Community Employment Program Coordinator

Phone -814-676-5755, Ext 148 or email

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