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Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Services

Community Particiption Supports

Work & Independence Skills Evaluation Program (W.I.S.E.)

Ready to enhance your independent living and work skills? This program offers strengths-based assessment and training in 300+ skill areas. Features both paid and unpaid work opportunities, facility based and collaborating with local employers. Explore the W.I.S.E. Program to learn more and invest in your future!

A VTDC client smiles and dances to music during a fun activity.

Adult Daily Living Skills

The Life Skills Habilitation Program is a licensed Adult Day Program that combines opportunities for individuals with different abilities to increase their skills training in daily living, community integration, and pre-vocational activities.  Are you looking to make new friends, learn about your community, enhance your current skills, create new crafts, learn how to plant flowers or vegetables and many other activities both in the facility and in the community?  If so, then this program will help you to achieve your goals in a fun and educational setting.

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