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Drop in Center


The philosophy of the Cove Drop in Center is to provide an atmosphere where the members feel they belong; this supportive setting aids consumers in developing healthy relationships. Through this unique, consumer-empowered program, staff and members work together to plan activities throughout each month, which may include shopping trips, pool and dart tournaments, art projects, crafts, dances, parties, movie nights, and board games.  The Cove staff are also dedicated to assisting members in other areas of life, when needed, such as housing, connecting with social services, providing educational classes (i.e. cooking, relationships, recovery topics), employment resources, and volunteering. Local agencies and organizations including Peer Support, Mobile Psych Rehab, Help Line, Service Access Management and Jeff Tech partner with The Cove to enhance services and support members in their recovery journey.


Provides an accepting, caring, non-clinical atmosphere where the participants feel they belong.


Provides a unique, consumer-empowered program that helps develop leadership skills

Provides a full array of services and opportunities, including educational classes, peer support, and recreational activities

Contact us to learn how to become a member

The Drop in Center 

Marti Jo McCartney, Mental Health Director

Phone - 814-503-8374 or email

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