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Veterans Fairweather Lodge


VTDC’s Veterans Fairweather Lodge fosters a shared, interdependent living arrangement, where Lodge members support one another as peers with military service, who are in recovery.  Veteran’s Fairweather Lodge members have shared decision-making responsibilities and have formal roles within the Lodge to decide on the house rules, who lives at the Lodge, who may need to leave; how to manage shared expenses, and cleaning and Lodge maintenance.  The Veteran’s Fairweather Lodge is unique in that it is a permanent housing model and members may have access to supportive Lodge services for as long as the Lodge member wants or needs them.


 Provides safe, affordable group living, while respecting each member’s personal freedom.


Offers support at home and on-the-job as members share life and work experiences.


Promotes individual autonomy through shared responsibilities of running and maintaining a home.

It’s time to contact us to learn more or schedule your tour

Veterans Fairweather Lodge Program

Suzanne Goss, Fairweather Lodge Coordinator

Phone -814-676-5755, Ext 130 or email

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