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 Let our experienced production crew package your items so you can focus on the more important jobs. We have many years of experience and no job is too large or too small. We can find innovative ways to complete any task.

Types of Packaging

Blister packaging: 

Blister packaging is durable and lightweight and offers excellent protection. Heat and/or pressure sealing along with changeable tooling for various products. Our rotary machines have a 12”x14” capacity and use card blisters, full face blisters and half clamshell styles with foil or other sealable stock.

Heat Shrinking:

Our heat shrink tunnel can accommodate items up to 8”X17”. We are able to use a wide variety of heat shrink products.  All products are quality checked for seal and our temperature and conveyor belt speed can be adjusted to accommodate multiple thickness of shrink wrap material. Shrink wrap is perfect for gloves, books, DVDs, shipping, printed items, tools, combo packs, labels and much more.


Boxing items can be done with dividers, inserts, bubble wrap, air packets, craft paper, foam inserts among other methods. Cardboard can be sealed in a variety of ways to include staples, glue and tape. This method does a great job of protecting your items during shipping and has excellent strength.

Our workforce can build and package items from the size of coins to as large as palletized items. Let us package your product and protect it from damage and contamination. This packaging allows for a professional appearance.


Versatile Customization: Tailor the packaging to meet specific product needs, ensuring an adaptable solution for various items.

Efficient Storage and Access: Facilitates easy organization with the ability to hang on racks, stack, and transport, ensuring convenient storage and accessibility.

Secure and Tamper-Proof: Provides added security through options like heat seal, glue, and foil seal, ensuring product freshness and tamper-proofing.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: Environmentally friendly with recyclable materials, and cost-effective due to lightweight construction, easy transportation, and reuse options.

Preservation and Durability: Enhances shelf life by protecting items from dust and contamination, while maintaining durability and shape integrity through heat shrink technology.


 “VTDC are the experts when it comes to clamshell packaging.  We have used them for a few production lines and will continue using them”

- Tina

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