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Experience the epitome of streamlined logistics with our all-encompassing fulfillment services, consolidating your supply chain management under a single, reliable source contract. From the moment your supplies arrive, our dedicated team meticulously handles the entire order fulfillment process, ensuring precision and timeliness in every step. Our secure indoor warehouse offers palletized storage for a diverse range of products, safeguarding their integrity against environmental factors. Positioned in close proximity to a UPS shipping service hub, we seamlessly integrate efficient shipping into our process, ensuring swift and reliable delivery. Stay in the know with real-time tracking numbers and updated spreadsheets, providing comprehensive insights into the progress of your orders throughout the fulfillment journey.


Store, process, fulfill and ship your orders as they are received in any quantity.


Optimized fulfillment services to save you time and costs.


Same day shipping once the order is received.

Client Testimonial

“Our company has been working with VTDC since 2006. They provide warehousing, fulfillment and shipping services for us. We have been very happy with their accurate and timely services. When needed, the staff goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. They communicate on any issues quickly and help with creative solutions. Staff at VTDC work as a team with us and have provided extraordinary service. We expect to continue to work with them for many years to come.”

- Liz

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