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Training Lodge


VTDC’s Fairweather Training Lodge fosters a shared, interdependent living model, where Lodge members learn to support one another in their recovery.  Fairweather Training Lodge members participate in groups and practical, hands-on activities to learn the Fairweather Lodge principles, recovery concepts, and daily living skills such as time management, self-care, medication management, budgeting, household cleaning and maintenance.  

The also have shared decision-making responsibilities and have formal roles within the Lodge to decide on the house rules, who lives at the Lodge, who may need to leave; manage shared expenses, cleaning and Lodge maintenance.  The Fairweather Lodge is a permanent housing model and members may have access to supportive Lodge services for as long as the Lodge member wants or needs them.

VTDC Fairweather Training Lodge Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, and night and weekend staff are on-site staff, who support member and Lodge development.  VTDC‘s Fairweather Training Lodge staff and members use the “Fairweather Lodge Training Manual' curriculum, which was developed by the Coalition for Community Living (, to support member and Lodge development and maintain fidelity to the Fairweather Lodge model and principles in areas of housing, social interaction, and autonomy.  


Provides a supportive environment with 24 hour staff where members can live, grow, and learn from staff and peers.


Assists with identifying areas in which you may need additional training, supports, or development to be successful in community employment. 


Ensures members receive mental health services and support to develop and work on their personal recovery plan, including medication monitoring, if needed.

It’s time to contact us to learn more or schedule your tour

Fairweather Training Lodge

Patricia Mock, Fairweather Training Lodge Coordinator

Phone - 814-299-7388  or email

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