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Fairweather Training Lodge

The Fairweather Training Lodge is a living arrangement designed specifically for persons with mental illness, who are active in their recovery and wish to live more independently. Located in DuBois, PA the Fairweather Training Lodge provides a high level of support for individuals that may have greater needs. It is appropriate for those individuals who may be trying to reintegrate into the community or attempt to live more independently with hope of succeeding as valued members of the community. Members of the Training Lodge will be exposed to positive educational and practical methods of daily living in the hope of building the skills necessary to be able to move into a regular Fairweather Lodge, or even live on their own within the community. The benefits to living in a Fairweather Training Lodge include: Professional onsite staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Affordable group living while respecting one’s freedom.

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Veterans Fairweather Lodge

The Veteran Centric Fairweather Lodge (VFWL) program is a full-time, voluntary mental health recovery program. Lodges are supportive, community living homes designed for individuals to live independently, while working on a personal recovery plan. They use a self-paced, person-centered, recovery model based on Dr. Fairweather’s Fidelity Standards. Dr. Fairweather’s Lodge model integrates safe housing, employment, meaningful social roles, and autonomy to promote and support members in mental health recovery. The VFWL provides those who have served with a supportive peer recovery environment. This program is for eligible veterans.

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Fairweather Lodges

The Lodge is a living arrangement specifically designed for persons with mental illness who are active members of society and want to live independently. Those who benefit the most are persons who may not be able to find safe, affordable Housing, and who have difficulty paying for food, utilities, and other necessary expenses on their own, but could do so with the help of other household members. Lodge members are encouraged in a variety of ways to assume responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of the household. Members establish the rules they are to live by and participate in the employment opportunities which can provide for a comfortable standard of living. Since Fairweather Lodge program goals are to encourage self reliance with other group members, on site staffing is limited, however staff offers support and serves as advisors to Lodge members, as needed, and are available in emergency situations. A Lodge Program Manager and other VTDC staff are available to assist members with accessing community programs that help promote independent community living. Currently, there are two Fairweather Lodges located in Venango County and three in the Clearfield/Jefferson area.

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