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C.A.S.S. Certified Mailing


By using our CASS certified bulk mailing software you will have a significant savings on postage.  You will be worry free of having to make sure the mailing meets USPS specifications.  Some of the prep work we offer are making copies,  collating, folding, sealing, and stuffing. We have the ability to meet all your bulk mailing needs.  Your mailing can be as complex as requiring copies, folding, collating, sealing, stuffing, or as simple as only needing to attach the address label. The piece size for being eligible for bulk mailing is 200 for standard mailing and 500 for first class.  You can use our bulk mailing permit which saves you from having to purchase your own. 


Postage Savings 

Pre-sorted for faster delivery

No need to purchase bulk mailing permits


“VTDC has been doing the printing and mailing of our newsletters for years.  We send roughly 400 newsletters out 2 or 3 times a year.  The work is always done well and in a timely fashion.  We are extremely happy with the service!”

- Nancy 


Contact us to learn more

Janitorial Services Manager

Lori Kosarek

Phone - 814-676-5755 ext 122

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